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Corner Piece (2018)

Editor / Co-Producer    -   6 Min. (Full Film)

A long-time couple struggles to find hope in a hostile small-town environment.

Directed by Maya Linn Peirce

Sleep Tight (2017)

Editor / Writer    -   3 Min. 25 Sec. (Full Film)

On Halloween Eve, a little girl asks her sister to check for monsters around her bedroom.

Directed by Mitchell Kennard Francis

Why We Ran (2017)

Editor    -   3 Min. 26 Sec. (Full Film)

During a police questioning, a detail-oriented couple struggles to explain why they ran.

Directed by Jacob Skoda

Strung (2017)

Editor / Writer    -   6 Min. 29 Sec. (Full Film)

After four years, a man returns to the woman he walked out on.

Directed by Gavin Lake

Figment (2017)

Editor / Co-Writer   -   11 Min. 3 Sec. (Full Film)

After an argument about medications, a man must choose between his girlfriend and his best friends.

Directed by Mitchell Kennard Francis

Co-Written with Gavin Lake

Bingo Night (2019)

Editing Project   -   6 Min. 20 Sec. (Scene)

In desperate need of cash, three women commit the ultimate heist: robbing bingo night.

Originally Directed by Jordan Liebowitz

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Teachers Make A Difference

Gudgel For Mayor Campaign   -   :60 Spot   -   Political

An Introduction

Gudgel For Mayor Campaign   -   :60 Spot   -   Political

About ASN

Autism Society of Nebraska    -   8:03   -   Promotional

2019 Inspiration Award

Kicks For a Cure   -   5:27   -   Event



Valley Boys - Hiawata!

Editing Project    -   3:17   -   Music Video

Music Video for the song Valley Boys by Hiawata!

Originally Directed by Jaloux Milkerlange

Purchased from

Built By Life

Editing Project    -   5:36   -   Documentary

The story of Vince McIntyre, a farmer who lives off the grid and farms without using any machinery.

Originally Produced by Elias Koch & Arron Wilder

Purchased from

The Making of Healing of       Harman

Co-Editor / Online Editor    -   13:17   -   Documentary

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Healing of Harman, produced as part of the Carson Film Series.

Producer - Jack Hoppe

Lady Comstock Monologue

Editing Project    -   1:29   -   Kinetic Typography

A fan-made kinetic typography project made from the Lady Comstock Monologue from Bioshock Infinite.

This project is a work in progress

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